Comercial Roshfrans is a 100% Mexican Company, devoted to the formulation, manufacturing and commercialisation for lubricant oils and greases, for their automotive and industrial usage.

Ever since our establishment, in Comercial Roshfrans S.A. de C.V., we have been devoted to contribute to the future of Mexico, standing out from that time on, because of the exceptional quality of our products, by working in accordance with the commitment of attaining the whole satisfaction of our clients.

Inspired by the technology, we research, in Roshfrans. We bring innovation and apply the latest technology for the development of products, exhibiting the highest quality for the protection of your motors and equipment, which give us a differentiated position in the lubricant oils and greases sector for their automotive and industrial use.

Our philosophy and the reason for our existence, have their foundation in our commitment with Mexico and its future generations. For this purpose, we generate employment for the Mexicans, by reconfirming our identity and doing our share for the construction of the country.


Thanks to the continued commitment and growth throughout our 58 years of existence, we have become one of the leading lubricant companies in the country. We are competing with international brands and we have managed to position ourselves as one of the four major premium brands in the country due to the high quality of our products.

We have implemented a consumer-focused vision; therefore, we research and invest continuously to better understand the needs of the market and offer lubrication solutions that comply fully with the demanding requirements of the domestic consumers.

Our reputation allows us to enter in other markets. Currently, we export our products to regions of Central and South America, and they are distributed by our commercial partners. These partners have a clear task: introduce and position our Roshfrans and Batrak brands in the quality sector competing against other international Premium brands.

From our point of view, “Friendly Technology” is the guiding principle of our product developments and commitment established in our Environmental Policy.

Therefore, we use the best available technology for the benefit of the environment. Quality and continuous improvement are our tools to create the best lubricants on the domestic market.

Therefore, not only all our facility has been certified and ISO 9001:2008 Multi-Site Certificate has been attained, but ISO 14001:2004 Certificate (Environmental Management System) has been obtained also. By doing so, we reaffirm and strengthen our commitment with the environment. Additionally, we have the Accreditation granted by e.m.a. (Mexican Accreditation Entity) for our Technological Management Center (TMC) under the ISO 17025:2005 standard.

In 2014, Roshfrans has also been certified as a Socially Responsible Company.


Nicolas Platonoff Batrak was born on October 2, 1904 in Poltava, Ukraine, in a peasant family, in which he lived a happy childhood that left him a deep impression of values and virtues, which had an effect along his whole life.

When he was 20 years old, as the process of change in his land started, he decided to immigrate in China, where he lived several experiences, which he overcame, considering them a clear manifestation of the lord. After that he travelled to America, boarding a ship, and then going through a 40 days trip, he arrived at the port of Manzanillo in Colima. He stepped off the ship, without being able to speak Spanish, carrying a big trunk with clothes, and only some coins in his pocket, but being highly motivated to start a new life. He stumbled upon good people, who lent him a hand, and helped him out without any other intention than to be useful, and believing that god was always with him. Later, he arrived at Mexico City, where he settled, starting a life in the business of construction. His business slogan was: “House construction BBB”. BBB stood for Buenas, Bonitas y Baratas (in English: Good, Beautiful and Cheap Houses). When he had already spent 10 years in Mexico, he married Mrs. Luz Manzanares Cardenas, who remained his inseparable and unconditional mate, along his whole life, and living together with her, he carried on working for his lifespan, struggling, with generosity, fulfilment and difficulties mixed with easier periods, which he could surpass, thanks to his deep love, tenderness, and big faith in god.

His three children always occupied the first place in his heart, while he always gave them what was most convenient for their lives as members of a society and children of god.

He was a hardworking man, always working together with people. He always liked everything to be well done; he always demanded in all work, a good finishing, up to the last detail.

A straight-arrow Mexican, without behaviour deviations for the sake of convenience, grieving and helping our deficiency in different ways to overcome them, never did anything that could harm the country, even if it meant sacrificing not travel abroad in times of crisis to not take money from the country.


Live passionately activities of the company doing business based on our principles and values, providing benefits to all involved in our business and acting as a socially responsible company.


Being a global company which serves the automotive and industrial sector, by means of the manufacture of lubricants, products and the provision of supplementary services, inspired in the technology, by strengthening a prestige position of its brands, and by building up a logistics system, satisfying its customer needs.


Roshfrans Philosophy focuses on our commitment to Mexico and its future generations through job creation; thereby ensuring that its employees have the best conditions to develop their knowledge and skills in a friendly and inspirational environment. Any Mexican professional must have the desire to work in Roshfrans.


Total Quality . Honesty . Collaboration . Loyalty . Humanity . Be an example


Responsibility . Integrity . Availability . Knowledge . Respect . Hospitality


The global dynamic processes have impelled Mexico to be projected in the world, as a country, open to the international markets, within the frame of a modernisation process, and showing a decided change attitude before the present challenges. Mexico has always supported the development of companies, committed with the production of resources and employment for the sustainable growth of the country. Thanks to this, Roshfrans has defined its position, among one of the biggest companies on the field of lubricants. Therefore, it has widened its terrain, as far as the protection and conservation of all automotive and industrial equipment go, by offering the highest quality, at competitive prices and by always satisfying the most demanding needs of its customers.

The preparation, the acquisition of awareness and development of our people is the main strong point. It can be regarded as the mainstay for keeping products, quality systems, certified before international organs and processes with high quality standards, with an orientation to our main ally: the customer.

As time went by, we have been attaining, with considerable dedication, with effort investment, and with a defined vision, a set of Facility for our work, which can be thought as our main tool, by which we produce the best products, while we are filled with enthusiasm, and working with quality.


With the purpose of assorting all efforts for the organisation, in the year 2000, we made the decision to assemble all administrative departments in our corporate building, in which all departments of the company are strategically located, in such way, that they act as work teams concentrated in confecting the best operation results.

With great efforts, we built our corporate headquarters, where our staff, is surrounded by a wonderful ambiance, and inside appropriate facilities, allowing them for a dynamic performance, in accordance with the organisation needs.

Each one of the departments is lodged within a space, big enough for the accomplishment of its projects. Thus, we attain the development of the staff functions, within warm and cooperative environment.
In the corporate building, we receive our customers and suppliers as guests; here provide it full of warmth and care attention to be able to carry out negotiations that will lead to business relationships: win to win.
We have employees that are committed, competitive and proud of themselves and with a true belonging to Roshfrans, our strength is in our people, therefore them will always be our greatest treasure and strength.


Since our founding we have invested in research, which is why in 2000 we installed for the technological development of our products Technology Management Center (TMC), which continuously maintain research programs to offer products with the best performance country. Research and development of a finished product is a process and a challenge and Roshfrans is committed to continuous improvement, so the TMC constantly working on new investigations and proceedings, in order that the products are to forefront with the best and ensure high quality; Likewise, we have sufficient technical capacity to support preventative maintenance programs and service, for this we have the most complete and latest technology equipment.

Through a dumbbell in Engineering Management and Commercial area , the TMC supports all technology support needs of our customers through scheduled scans waste oils can improve change periods, which surpassed the performance of work units and especially the cost savings , always working to the last detail and providing full service.

Quality Policy Technology Management CenterAll staff who make up the Technology Management Center we are committed to make physicochemical tests with professionalism and quality service having as standard delivering results within the agreed time with our customers, providing services that fully meet their expectations and needs.

We have the right and highly trained staff, who are constantly trained in methods and standards of last generation, in addition to being approved as a specialist (signatory) authorized by the entidad mexicana de acreditación, a.c. (ema).

Proudly our TMC is accredited by the entidad mexicana de acreditación, a.c. (ema) in compliance with the demanding requirements of today's Mexican Standard NMX -EC- 17025 - IMNC -2006 'General Requirements for the Competence of Testing Laboratories and Calibration' (Accreditation No. Q - 015-014 / 12). Such accreditation has allowed us to be the only TMC nationally with analysis tests covering areas lubricating oils, greases, antifreeze and brake fluid, among which are: Viscosity, wear metals, base number, cone penetration in greases, Dropping Point, washed by water, acid number, reservation Alkaline, pH, freezing point, flash point, point corrosion.

Refer to the following link, of the ema:
Name Search: Comercial Roshfrans, S.A. de C.V.

Our TMC is one of the most modern and complete in America for analysis of our products, which has implemented a system of internal quality certificate, which allows research into the development of new products based on the evaluation of the quality of inputs to testing with the highest quality, impartiality, confidentiality and reliability of the products we develop tailored to the needs of our customers.

The physicochemical tests performed in the TMC are made in strict accordance with international methods ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) in order to ensure results.

All our efforts are focused on products that come with excellent quality to our customers.


We have available two manufacturing plants, namely, NEPTUNO PLANT and ACTOPAN PLANT, in which we produce and fill the containers with lubricants, greases, antifreeze agents and additive agents, which we market, according to high standards of quality. Our plants undertake established processes and procedures, which make it possible for us to ensure that the products, which we receive, and use for the production, as well as the finished products, which we produce, fulfil the specifications, issued by the engineering department, and to guarantee that our customers always shall receive the best product, complying with their needs. In the same way, we hold a control in our warehouses, which allow for a continuous rotation to avoid both, the expiration of the raw materials, and the possibility of them becoming spoiled or damaged. The plant staff is always in a process of constant training, seeking the continuous improvement, to be able to produce, efficiently and with effectiveness, the whole range of products, as well as, trying to attain the productivity levels, which may exceed the industry standards. All the workers of the plant have a big commitment with the safety, the care for the environment, the order and cleanness.


It was inaugurated in 1972, and we devote it to the manufacturing of special products. Because of the constant updating and search of new technologies, we have come to develop the automatic filling process of ROSHPACK, which allows us to improve the efficiency, as to the raw materials storage and finished product, as well as, during the filling process. In order to cope with the great variety of products and the flexibility, the market demands, we have the possibility, in this plant, of producing from 100 litres to 40,000 litres by batch.


It has been the response to the considerable growth of Comercial Roshfrans. It was finished in 1992 and we have been putting great effort, so that it would become “both, the cleanest lubricants plant, as well as the one with the best orderly working plant in the world”. The automatic and half-automatic machinery, which we have at our disposal, allows us to mix from 5,000 litres to 100,000 litres by batch, and fill containers from 250 grams, up to those of 1,000 litres. Together with the latter, we have available a huge dimension of storage of basic substances, having tanks of up to 1,000,000 litres, because of the enormous variations which show our main raw material.


High service levels and customer satisfaction is what make us different, we own 3 distribution centres which allow us to be efficient in terms of distribution, coverage and delivery.


It allows us to provide our products to customers located in the Federal District and metropolitan area, as well as those segments that require differentiated delivery services.


It is the largest of our centres, in which over 1.5 million litres of finished product can be stored. From this point, we provide our products to the Export area and the Central and Southern Regions of Mexico.


We provide service to the West and North Regions of Mexico from this facility.

Our distribution centres have sophisticated storage systems made especially for our products, looking for the best preservation of the product and packaging. We also have transport units kept in excellent maintenance condition, which are operated by fully trained staff who strives to provide quality to our customers.

We can immediately locate the products within our warehouses by our implemented bar code system. We able to work methodically and seek continuous improvement due to the processes and procedures we have established.


At Roshfrans, quality means that our entire staff is committed to providing goods and services fully meeting our internal and external customer requirements. Therefore, we are proud to present the widest range of solutions in oils and lubricating greases across all market and industry sectors.

However, Roshfrans we are much more than oil, as we offer a range of technological solutions for the care of the car, engine and industry.


Our goal is: to be a global company, providing services to the automotive and industrial sector, through lubricants, products and supplementary services; inspired by technology and reinforcing the brands prestige, developing an effective logistics system, meeting the needs of our clients.

In Roshfrans we know that being the best is not enough, there is always something else to achieve. That is why we struggle day by day for improvement. We develop all our activities with the firm guideline of a commitment with the planet, by developing the best technology for the sake of the environment. That is why we go through strict environmental controls, which surpass the established legal standards.


One of our most important strong points is the broad distribution network for the Roshfrans products. The suppliers spread out all over Mexico, Central and South America, are committed to offer on a daily basis the best solutions, for the care and maintenance, through the Premium products and a complete and efficient technical service.

Our commitment is not limited to the time the lubricants are launched to the market, with all strict quality standards. Besides, we have at our disposal a customer service, which, in the market, is in a class by itself, through our engineering department, which has as its main mission, the development of all those service guidelines and integral service support, as far as lubrication is concerned, which our customers demand.

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Mexican companies in the new international order are facing competition even within their own territory, which is crucial for the adoption of innovative management models as a competitive weapon.

That is why compulsion Customer Satisfaction part of everyday life and culture of COMERCIAL ROSHFRANS, meeting and exceeding the expectations of a client.

Among the most used in the world market models, highlights the Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2008, which include a set of principles and techniques, the application, allows customer satisfaction and incorporate the continuous improvement of the organization.


Quality, Environmental Protection and values are the basic principle of COMMERCIAL ROSHFRANS. S.A. DE C.V. with Social Responsibility.

All toiled here, we are committed to providing our internal and external customers and all the stakeholders products and services that fully meet their requirements.

Setting Goals with their respective measurements and levels of effectiveness.

Continuous improvement, prevention of pollution and our social commitment, is what animates our work, through innovation, execution and investment to add passionately value to our customers and community.


Customer satisfaction is a factor of vitality considered valuable in recent decades. Different types of national and international, state and private organizations have addressed the matter.

With regard to customer satisfaction, began to compliance with the particular requirements of each person, but as they grow markets need to establish ways in which you could do quality control of production had and it was representative of all that is produced. Later the focus shifted and the quality was not only affected production, but encompassed all those who directly or indirectly were working for that product complied with everything requested, resulting in what is called Quality Assurance. Today this concept changed again, determining that the product is not the only important because this is a result of all activities taking place, so important is the satisfaction of the customer through the manage process for a Quality System Management.

It is a duty of all officers and employees of COMERCIAL ROSHFRANS SA DE C.V., provide service properly; with warmth and respect for our customers and consumers, meeting their expectations from their perception, listening carefully, understanding and showing interest in your needs, and making a permanent support in managing your requirements.


Our lubricating oils compounds are placed between two moving parts, does not degrade, and likewise forms a film that prevents contact, allowing its movement even at elevated temperatures and pressures.

That is why lubricating oils are essential in the wide range of production and also in transport; It is why it is very important that these products meet rigorous quality control before hitting the market.

The Quality Control laboratories in the production plants, provide quality programs, measuring and monitoring the specifications of each of our products.

As a tool for quality control of packaging, the specification are integrated into the Quality Management System and responding to our Quality Policy, in frequency control and levels of acceptability based on the criticality of packaging, packaging considered.

In order to simplify the reception of materials, packaging specification developed a way to minimize the number and complexity of the control tests.

The advantages of quality control specifications suitable container and packaging are:

• Simplification in the management of claims
• Ensure the suitability of the packaging so that they can be incorporated efficiently in production processes.
• Comply with the requirements of functionality and lay the groundwork for possible optimization.
• Comply with the requirements of safety and eco sustainability.
• Obtaining certification for marketing.
• Ensure that our lubricants are delivered to our customers impeccable.



2. Lic. José Coronel Belmont

Award National Automotive Quality Award 2014, in line Roshfrans engine oils:

3. National Automotive Quality Award 2014

National Confederation of Workshops (INA, AMIA, Mexico and ANDELLAC SAE), in line gasoline engine oils Roshfrans, Roshfrans Motor Oil and Grease line Chassis Roshfrans.



At Roshfrans, the foundation and success of our company are our employees. Therefore, we are constantly looking for new talent in order to continue consolidating our position as a worldwide company.

In Human Resources, our mission is to attract, manage, develop and retain the human capital with sense of belonging to the organisation based on its philosophy, principles and values ensuring a satisfactory working environment and raising awareness of what it means to work in a socially responsible company.

If you are a person with a desire to contribute to the growth of a recognised company and develop professionally, apply online for any of the available jobs. Be part of the Roshfrans Team!

Visit our employment site and see all the available jobs.

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Passion, strength and commitment are words that perfectly describe Roshfrans and AAA; the commitment of these two companies is to show that with dedication and effort things can work dramatically.

Roshfrans aims to encourage all those who show an interest in putting the name of Mexico on high, for this reason has decided to stay in the world of ropes, the ring and the four or six corners creating a 100% Mexican alliance with AAA.

Roshfrans is in an eternal competition but wearing the gene struggle with this union seeks strengthened, extending its outlook and most importantly put the world looking for work. Undoubtedly, this alliance will strengthen the pride of being Mexican.

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Since late 2011 Roshfrans is the sponsorship of the Seleccion Mexicana the favourite Mexican soccer fans team.
Roshfrans is proud to be part of this great team .

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