The Roshfrans Technological Institute is dedicated to trainee in automotive and industrial lubrication, with the aim of increasing the level of expertise of students, customers, prospects and anyone involved in the automotive maintenance; with emphasis on the applications and benefits offered by Roshfrans products.

With our customers and external prospects it is very important to be a support to increase machine reliability to its highest level through the full knowledge of the proper lubricant selection, thus reducing the errors during the implementation. Technical training can be done at Roshfrans or at customer facilities in Mexico City or other parts of Mexico, achieving the best comfort for the proper development of the training.

The Roshfrans Technological Institute has developed the Lubrication Master, which technically explains the functions and importance of lubrication in each of the components in the automotive sector, covering topics of engines, automotive gears, automatic transmission antifreeze, brake fluids and greases.


Roshfrans Technological Institute Mission is to provide training and professional certification service to mechanics, technicians, students and people related to automotive maintenance. Providing a range of services (training, attention to technical questions, required documentation, technical certification, etc.) that meet the lubrication needs of automotive and industrial equipment.


The Roshfrans Technology Institute Vision is to be the best one on professional on lubricants education and technical assistance staffed by a certified engineers who share their knowledge to potential customers and potential prospects (mechanical, students, technicians, etc.).


In these meetings there are three items that we cover for mechanical: Lubrication automotive (engine and transmission oil, antifreeze, brake fluids and greases), automotive electronics (OBD-II, electro-assisted directions, Can-Bus, injection system: In this meeting three major categories for mechanical cover stratified, oscilloscopes, etc.) and administration of your business (training, communication, sales techniques, new business generation, etc.).

In addition to these courses, participants have the opportunity to take the certification test in different mechanical areas, including 'Lubrication Master'.


An alliance with Cedva Group it has been developed a training course for Roshfrans sellers about basic in mechanics, with the aim of increasing their knowledge have a better the understanding of the automotive lubrication.

Also is a training program for students in Mechanical Engineering before they end their careers in which we teach a Master Lubrication Course with a duration of eight hours divided in two days each of four hours per day.

Also, we have the opportunity to use the facilities of Cedva Group (29 schools) to teach specific courses to Roshfrans customers called by our warehouses or distributors.

As part of this alliance with Cedva Group, students and teachers have the Roshfrans logo in their uniforms, the facility has the Roshfrans image and Roshfrans training manuals have also the image on each of its pages.


The next meetings that are scheduled in this 2016 are:

  • Colima 4 y 5 de Febrero [Concluido]
  • Cuautitlán 25 y 26 de Febrero [Concluido]
  • Texcoco 3 y 4 de Marzo [Concluido]
  • Puebla 10 y 11 de Marzo [Concluido]
  • Cd. Guzmán 17 y 18 de Marzo [Concluido]
  • Aguascalientes 7 y 8 de Abril [Concluido]
  • Celaya 28 y 29 de Abril [Concluido]
  • Acapulco 5 y 6 de Mayo [Concluido]
  • Torreón 12 y 13 de Mayo [Concluido]
  • Veracruz 19 y 20 de Mayo [Concluido]
  • Nezahualcóyotl 26 y 27 de Mayo [Concluido]
  • Ecatepec 2 y 3 de Junio [Concluido]
  • Jalisco 9 y 19 de Junio [Concluido]
  • San Luis Potosí 16 y 17 de Junio [Concluido]
  • Morelos 23 y 24 de Junio [Concluido]
  • León 7 y 8 de Julio [Concluido]
  • Chiapas 14 y 15 de Julio [Concluido]
  • Oaxaca 21 y 22 de Julio [Concluido]
  • Morelia 8 y 9 de Septiembre [Concluido]
  • Tlalnepantla 14 y 15 de Septiembre [Concluido]
  • Querétaro 22 y 23 de Septiembre [Concluido]
  • San Juan del Rio 29 y 30 de Septiembre [Concluido]
  • Zacatecas 6 y 7 de Octubre [Concluido]
  • Monterrey 13 y 14 de Octubre [Concluido]
  • Pachuca 20 y 21 de Octubre [Concluido]
  • Uruapan 27 y 28 de Octubre
  • Chalco 3 y 4 de Noviembre
  • Chihuahua 10 y 11 de Noviembre
  • Zamora 24 y 25 de Noviembre
  • Moroleón 1 y 2 de Diciembre
  • Saltillo 8 y 9 de Diciembre


This service consists of monitoring and physicochemical analysis of lubricant samples collected progressively from automotive or industrial equipment. The samples are carefully examined by highly qualified technical staff at the Roshfrans Center Technology Management.

Our laboratory is one of the most modern and complete in America for the analysis of oils and lubricating greases, which has implemented a Quality Management System certified by the Entidad Mexicana de Acreditación, A.C. (e.m.a). Therefore, the research on new product development and testing with the highest quality, impartiality, confidentiality and reliability can be performed.

The physicochemical tests done in our Technological Management Center are conducted in strict accordance with the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) International Methods in order to ensure the acquired results.

Continuous Analysis of Lubricants allows for early detection of any potential equipment failure, avoiding costly repairs, which translates into significant savings, in addition to the following benefits:

1. Maximum equipment performance.
2. Early diagnosis of the condition of the lubricant.
3. Saving lubricant
4. Data Reporting and Submission, by any means.


Comercial Roshfrans is a company, devoted to the permanent benefit and satisfaction to its customers. For this reason, it has opened communication channels and started a technical support, for clarifying aspects, regarding the application and handling of Roshfrans products, as:

1. Technical Assistance over the phone, the fax or e-mail.

This expedite service makes it possible to us, to attend, in a clear and swift manner, the lubrication requirements, appearing all the time.

2. Technical visits plan in your facilities

In the event, our customers would like it, we could program visits to your facilities, in order to offer counseling on lubrication affairs and performance on your equipment. We would have as well the opportunity to comment and inform about the improvements and achievements of the provided services.

3. Development of special products, tailored according to your needs.

Within the Technological Management Center, the specialized technical staff takes on the task of the development and optimization of products, fulfilling and exceeding our customer expectations.

4. Technical data sheets, safety data sheets, technical literature, technical bulletins.

We have technical information, available for our customers, which represents a valuable source for looking up and for clarifying doubts, as to the automotive and industrial sector.


1. Having an excellent ally, whenever it comes to the clarification of doubts, aid on technical support and lubrication problems solutions.
2. Becoming to know the processes of lubrication.
3. Working as a team, with an only objective: the increment of productivity.


In Site Technical Support is another service, which Comercial Roshfrans provides to the Industry in general, either in relation with transport, construction, mining, plastics, and paper, among other possibilities; for spreading the knowledge to its equipment, systems, operating conditions and field manuals. The latter is intended for the purpose of offering optimal advices as to lubricants and lubrication practices.

Those In Site Technical Support activities, which we provide, are:

1. Lubrication Studies (Lubrication frames).

It consists in the elaboration of an inventory to the equipment, the Customer has available and the advising, in a report, of the lubricants, which better meet the needs of performance and care for machines.

These kinds of Lubrication Frames are a worthy tool, where the lubrication recommendations can be looked up. These recommendations are confectioned by the Staff of Technical Support.

2. In Site Functional Tests for Fleets of Vehicles and Industrial Plants.

We work together with the Customer for starting a test in his / her own Facility and equipment, to demonstrate the outstanding performance of our products, by way of the Continuous Analysis of Lubricants.

3. Personal Attention to Technical Problems for in site Lubrication

Personalized attention to our custumers, who request to solve their needs on lubrication in their own facility


1. Diagrams, specifying, for each one of the devices, the most appropriate recommendation on lubricants.
2. The acquisition of a tool, for establishing the programs for automotive and industrial maintenance.
3. Longer useful life to your equipment.
4. Savings in operations and training costs.