Estrategic Sustainable

Roshfrans meets the needs of the present without compromising future generations, fulfilling its philosophy, because we have built our business objectives a high quality of life, health and prosperity with social justice and maintaining the capacity of the land to maintain life in all its diversity, leading to ensure the success of our company and all its related groups, which constitute its foundations in the long term.


Aware of our Social Responsibility in Business and Institutional Roshfrans SA de CV we are committed to every activity, behavior or structure be implemented, maintained and improved in compliance with internal controls, philosophy, principles and values that allow work effectively and productively to improve, employees quality life and the community, and the care and preservation of the environment, job creation and income.

The actions that demonstrate our social ethical commitment are focused on:
1. The accountability, transparency and ethical behavior.
2. Maintain and improve our financial strength, to generate profits to shareholders and employees on Commercial Roshfrans as well as to track and fulfill our commitments to social responsibility.
3. Provide a range of non-profit services (training, technical assistance and support) that meet the needs and interests and create opportunities for development and growth of our relationship groups.
4. The enforcement of laws, codes, regulations, agreements and standards, national and international, as well as Roshfrans on behavior and respect for human rights.
We are committed to continuously improving our Management System and Institutional Social Responsibility, so we set annual targets with their respective measurements and levels of effectiveness.


In Roshfrans develop and deliver research and innovation in technology for car oil and industrial lubricant applications, which protect the engines and equipment of different industries.
Always aiming to reach a 100% customer satisfaction, creating new job sources and promoting the values of a better business vision that is centered in the employee, the human rights, ethical values, community and environment all of this in 60 years has created an organizational culture which is in constant renovation and always concerned in social responsibility.

2014 is the year in which the Centro Mexicano para la Filantropía (CEMEFI) awarded Roshfrans with the ESR® 2014 distinctive for:

1. Adopting and promoting the ESR principles as part of the basic work culture and development strategy of Comercial Roshfrans S. A. de C. V.

2. Being a company that it is considered as a value icon, volunteering and its high reputation.

3. Committed to integrate to our administration and management process the Social Responsibility.

4. We acknowledge the RSE as a strategic issue, source of innovation and management that leads to the added value generation and sustainability.

5. Work with the communities in which this operates, providing help and assistance whether is economical or in specie.

6. Improve and control internal operations in order to contribute to the environment and preservation.


For more information about our conduct code, download the next file: conduct of code


We maintain an online petition which is a channel of COMUNICATION that can be anonymous or not, confidential and independent for all people associated with the Organization as employees, customers, suppliers, third parties related to the Company, such as neighbors, and has intended to be a mechanism to report unethical conduct, irregular situations or violation of the Code of Conduct and Internal Policies of the Company.


• Discrimination,
• workplace harassment (mobbing).
• Sexual harassment.
• Violence in the workplace.
• Concurrence of employees, suppliers and service providers, under the influence of narcotics
• Acts that could constitute an illegal act.
• Fraud, theft and breach of trust.
• questionable business practices.
• Conflict of interests.
• Violations of the Code of Conduct.
• Bribery, corruption, illegal payments.
• environmental and safety risks.
• Revelation or disclosure of trade secrets or confidential matters to the detriment of the company, employees and related parties.
• Lack of integrity and / or intentional mistake of operations and financial records.


1. Describe the Incident
2. Date of Incident
3. Location of incident (Workplace and Services of Third Parties)
4. How the incident occurred
5. Involved and / or witnesses (name, position, relationship, workplace)


If you make a complaint or suggestions download the next format, fill and send it at next email We will gladly assist you! Download format


In Roshfrans we are aware of the importance of protecting and preserving the environment, so we are committed to contribute to the sustainable development of Mexico, to responsibly use natural resources and prevent pollution, so that future generations have access to an environment healthy and good quality of life.

That's why our facilities Neptuno and Actopan are certified ISO 14001: 2004.


Comercial Roshfrans, S.A. DE C.V. company dedicated to the development of automotive and industrial fluids, aware of the need to respect the environment and operate in a sustainable way, establishes its Environmental Policy, stating the principles that should guide the development of its activities and acquiring the following commitments:

• Documenting, establishing and maintaining an Environmental Management System. It shall periodically check out its efficacy, as a foundation for the continuous improvement and for the prevention of contamination.

• Comply the applicable legal requirements, and other ones, subscribed by the organisation.

• An annual review, on behalf of the direction, on the environmental objectives and goals, in such way that improvement guidelines and new goal are established.

• Submitting this Environmental Policy to the employees, users, and all people, which might need it, and all concerned people.


1. Improving the efficiency and keeping down the water consumption, under the average to the established factor.

2. Keep greenhouse gas emissions under the average to the established factor.

3. Keeping down the generation of hazardous wastes and solid wastes, under the average to the established factor.


The environmental indicators are those variables, which evaluate the state and evolution of certain environmental factors, by means of the information synthesis. In this regard, those factors can be the water, the air, the soil, etc., taken into consideration at a certain moment and in a specific space.

The environmental indexes system to Roshfrans, is made up by productive process indicators, which are directly related to the production (lubricant greases and oils, break liquids, antifreeze agents, and other products, marketed by it) and to the amount of natural resources, handled in the process, to the generation of debris, residual waters, emissions in the atmosphere or generation of noise.

Water Footprint

We seek to preserve the water that exists on our planet, we are committed to operating in a sustainable manner, taking advantage of this vital resource efficiently and promoting savings and reused.

Staying consistent programs for the sustainable use of water. In this 2016 we are in the process of implementing the calculation of the water footprint of our products and production processes supported by the methodology WFN (Water Footprint Network).

Energy Efficiency

The concept of efficient energy management is intrinsically related to our sustainability strategy. We operate with a commitment to saving and efficiency through our operational controls, our improvements in processes and promoting renewable energy for a sustainable energy use. Roshfrans firmly committed to improving energy efficiency in their processes to be far has the greatest potential in the short term to reduce energy consumption and emission of greenhouse gases.

Reduction of Hazardous and Solid Waste

We minimize our impact on the environment less waste, to enhance them and use them as sources of inputs, reincorporating production processes and closing their life cycle.

Roshfrans one of the main ways of preventing pollution is operational efficiency and optimization in their plants and activities, thanks to significantly reduce this waste, always with strict legal compliance.

Since 2012, we maintain a strategic alliance with customers and suppliers to promote the culture of recycling and reuse of waste with high calorific value, such as the dirty oil, subject to compliance with environmental legislation. With the above ensure an environmentally safe handling and use in production processes enriching industrial symbiosis in Mexico.


Quantification and reporting of GHG emissions

In the last hundred and fifty years of industrialization, have generated high volumes of GHG emissions (especially CO2), which exceed the capacity of capturing the atmosphere, leading to the steady increase in the concentrations of these gases, which hinder the emission of energy into space, accelerating the natural process greenhouse, leading to global warming.

Because of this, in 2013 Roshfrans voluntarily submit to GHG Mexico program, in order to provide a timely response to the phenomenon of climate change, initially with the identification and quantification of GHG emissions associated with their production activities themselves which enabled him to establish actions to minimize. We share the concern of public administrations, citizens and society on climate change so we have developed initiatives to minimize carbon intensity of operations and the development of non-fossil energy.

Reconocimiento de nivel GEI 2

Report CDP

Roshfrans in 2015 participates for the first time reporting its environmental performance in the areas climate change and water management to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) within the supply chain initiative. We support CDP to promote disclosure of climate change and catalyse action to achieve a sustainable economy, mitigating climate change, identifying opportunities for a more responsible and friendly approach to the environment, allowing investors, businesses and government to effectively manage generating resources and generate low-energy strategies and energy intensity.

We join this global challenge to slow down climate change and water scarcity.


Roshfrans in 2015 participates for the first time reporting its environmental performance in the areas climate change and water management to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) within the supply chain initiative. We support CDP to promote disclosure of climate change and catalyze action to achieve a sustainable economy, mitigating climate change, identifying opportunities for a more responsible and friendly approach to the environment, allowing investors, businesses and government to effectively manage generating resources and generate low-energy strategies and energy intensity.

We join this global challenge to slow down climate change and water scarcity.

Sustainable Products

In Roshfrans the need to innovate and develop is essential, inspired by the technology we use an analysis of lifecycle for less harmful sustainable products for the environment, called environmentally “friendly” products in equilibrium with the environment in which we operate.

We know that all activities or processes generate environmental impacts, consume resources and emit substances during their lifetime. That is why we are interested in reducing our carbon footprint, identifying all the stages of the life cycle of our products, from the extraction and use of raw materials, production, distribution and use of the final product to its possible reuse, recycling or disposal of the product.

Roshpack 70% less plastic, light, flexible and cost, innovative bags Roshpack 4 liters conjunction with our traditional Roshpack 950 milliliters are made in multi-laminated film that ensures long preservation and preservation of the products, and a series of environmental benefits are described below:

Packing light to reduce CO2 emissions:

During the manufacture of bags Roshpack, the carbon footprint is reduced, which can measure all emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from the production and distribution of the product.

But how the above is achieved?

Many of rigid and semi-rigid containers have abundant carbon consumption for two reasons: first production processes for this type of packaging are expensive, require large machinery and high carbon utilization and secondly the logistics of a rigid container it is delimited to the size of the package, its stiffness enter few containers within the secondary container or box. For these reasons, the Roshpack is a container that can reduce very high percentages carbon footprint in the total life cycle of a product, since the production processes for making them are relatively simple compared to a rigid container and its flexibility and size gives it a great advantage as far as logistics are concerned, within a secondary container may store a larger amount of units per box, also depending on the size of Roshpack, uses less storage space and less transport cycles , which drastically reduces the processes related to global warming and climate change.

In this 2016 we are in process of implementing the methodology of life cycle assessment (LCA) with foundation in the ISO 14040:2006, in order to rely on a new environmental management tool that it should allow to improve the environmental performance of our products and services. Besides that this methodology will supply us comparative and competitive advantages with regard to the products identifying and quantifying of clear form the different environmental potential impacts associated with each of the stages of his life cycle.

Basically, this action we will give us the bases to re-design (eco-design) products under the criterion of which the energetic resources and raw materials(commodities) are not unlimited and which, normally, they use more rapid of how they are replaced or as new alternatives arise, as well as of handling the residues in a sustainable form.

We are a world-class company, a leader in the sector that is committed to the care and preservation of the environment.